European Society for Translation Studies

Founded in Vienna in 1992, the European Society for Translation Studies is an international network which aims to support the community of translation and interpreting students and scholars worldwide. Currently, we have members in 46 countries in all five continents.

What’s new?

Young Researcher Travel Grants – EST 2019 Stellenbosch

Attending the EST congress in South Africa can be more expensive because of travel costs — although life in South Africa is cheaper than in most European countries. Since we believe it is important for young researchers from all over …

Translation Prize 2018

On the recommendation of the Translation Prize Committee, the ESTawarded two translation prizes this year in October. Details under Grants.

Call for papers and poster presentations to EST2019

Call for papers and poster presentations to EST2019: NB deadline: 15 January 2019. More information. Here you will also find the list of accepted panels.

Memorandum of Understanding with ADS and AIIC

EST signs the Memorandum of Understanding with the Danica Seleskovitch Association (ADS) and the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC). More information is available to the ETS Members in the Intranet area.