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Call for candidates - selection round 2017
International Doctorate in Translation Studies


The EST invites institutions and programs to apply for admission to the International Doctorate in Translation Studies (ID-TS).

ID-TS is a worldwide network of existing doctoral Translation Studies programs or doctoral programs that include a Translation Studies component. The programs should have their institutional home in a research-training institution.

The scope of the network is not limited to Europe and will concern Translation Studies in a broad sense, including research on written translation, interpreting, audiovisual translation, localization and adaptation.

The chief aim of the network is to achieve international cooperation in the field of doctoral education in order to promote higher quality in student recruitment, program content and delivery, research design, publication of research, and mobility and placement. These aims and the activities of the network are specified in the ID-TS Foundation Document.

Membership is valid for 5 years. The full application must be in English, although supporting documents may be in the original languages.

An ID-TS application dossier should be sent by April 2 2017 at the latest in PDF format by email to secretarygeneralest@gmail.com.

Before filling in the application form, please read carefully the Guide for Applicants. The guide contains detailed information on the eligibility and selection criteria, and on how to fill in the different parts of this form.

Inquiries should be addressed to secretarygeneralest@gmail.com.

The Guide for Applicants gives detailed information on how to apply.

The Application Dossier details the materials to be presented.

The Declaration of Conformity gives the format for the official letter to be signed.

The schedule for the coming months is as follows:

Submission of applications: April 2, 2017
Evaluation process: Summer 2017

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Call for Applicants 2017

Guide for Applicants

Application Dossier (PDF)

Application Dossier (Word)

Declaration of Conformity (PDF)

Declaration of conformity (Word)

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