Conferences in Translation Studies

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Date Name Country Link
03/02/2018 Love in Translation – Rutgers University Program in Comparative Literature Graduate Conference USA Site
03/29/2018 ATISA IX: Contexts of Translation and Interpreting USA Site
04/28/2018 New England Translators Association 2018 Annual Conference USA Site
06/05/2018 AIIC Legal Interpreting Committee | Symposium: Legal interpreting – Challenges and Solutions in the US and
USA Site
06/07/2018 SSTI Research Conference 2018 Judiciary Interpreting: Moving Forward with Standards for Training USA
06/07/2018 2018MSUCTP: 2018 Montclair State University Conference on Translation Pedagogy USA Site
07/05/2018 24th International Conference of the IAICS will be held on the campus of DePaul University USA Site
09/28/2018 Nida School of Translation Studies. Research Symposium – Translation and Publishing USA Site
04/20/2018 General and Specialist Translation / Interpretation: Theory, Methods, Practice Ukraine Site
09/24/2018 National identity in translation Ukraine Site
02/02/2018 Unlocking the Black Box of Translators’ Eyes and Mind UK
02/03/2018 The Value of Legal Translation Professionals UK Site
05/04/2018 Migrating Texts: Innovation and Technology in Subtitling, Translation and Adaptation UK Site
05/10/2018 ITI Beyond the core: Forging the future of the profession UK Site
05/30/2018 CIUTI conference 2018: Translation and interpreting in an era of demographic and technological change. Innovation in
research, practice and training
UK Site
06/11/2018 Conference: Data Quality in Eye Tracking and Translation Studies Research UK Site
06/12/2018 Workshop: Processing Eye-Tracking Data in Translation Studies Research UK
06/13/2018 Translating Feminism: Multi-disciplinary Perspectives on Text, Place and Agency UK Site
06/29/2018 Google Translate & Modern Languages Education UK Site
07/05/2018 Beyond Words: Multimodal Encounters in Translation UK Site
08/02/2018 2018 GSFL Roundtable in Forensic Linguistics and Forensic Phonetics UK Site
09/17/2018 Cognition, Emotion and Creativity in Translating and Interpreting: Talking to the World 3 International Conference
for Translation and Interpreting Studies
UK Site
09/20/2018 Legal and institutional translation policies: An interdisciplinary inquiry into past, present and future
UK Site
10/13/2018 2nd WITTA Congress: The Future of Interpreting and Translation Education UK Site
10/26/2018 IPCITI 2018 – 14th International Postgraduate Conference in Translation and Interpreting UK Site
10/29/2018 Ted Hughes Translated UK Site
11/15/2018 Translating and the Computer Conference (TC40) UK Site
11/23/2018 1st Annual APTIS Conference: Challenges and Opportunities in Teaching Translation & Interpreting UK Site
12/13/2018 Dubbing at Translating Bollywood in Europe: A Colloquium UK
01/04/2019 7th Asia-Pacific Forum on Translation and Intercultural Studies UK
01/31/2019 Translating Thought/Translating Literature UK
02/01/2019 A crisis in ‘coming to terms with the past’? At the crossroads of translation and memory UK
06/06/2019 Digital Diasporas: Interdisciplinary Perspectives UK Site
06/18/2018 Transius Conference 2018 Switzerland Site
11/09/2018 2nd Swiss Conference on Barrier-Free Communication Switzerland Site
11/09/2018 Second Swiss Conference Series on Barrier-free Communication: Accessibility in Educational Settings Switzerland Site
04/15/2019 Theories and Methods for History of Translation / Teorie e metodi per la Storia della traduzione / Théories et
méthodes pour l’Histoire de la traduction
Switzerland Site
02/22/2018 ordic seminar for sign language interpreting: Theory in Practice Sweden Site
06/17/2019 Media for All 8 Sweden Site
04/26/2018 LexESP 2018: V International Seminar on English and ESP Lexicology and Lexicography: The Words of the Law Spain Site
05/28/2018 21st Annual Conference of the European Association for Machine Translation Spain Site
06/05/2018 UMAQ Conference: Understanding Quality in Media Accessibility Spain Site
06/06/2018 ACT/Unlimited! 2 Accessible Culture and Training Spain Site
06/07/2018 Fun for All V: International Conference on Video Game Translation and Accessibility Spain Site
06/14/2018 Conference on Eurolanguage in Private International Law Spain Site
06/20/2018 Fourth International Conference on Research into the Didactics of Translation Spain Site
06/29/2018 9th International Symposium for Young Researchers in Translation, Interpreting, Intercultural Studies Spain Site
07/04/2018 XV Congreso Internacional Traducción, Texto e Interferencias Spain Site
10/04/2018 3rd International Young Researchers’ Conference on Translation and Interpreting Spain Site
10/10/2018 1st International Conference: Cross-Linguistic and Cross-Cultural Communication for Asylum Seekers and Refugees
10/15/2018 5th International Conference on Mythcriticism – Myth and Audiovisual Creation Spain Site
10/22/2018 I Seminario del Grupo de Innovación Docente Arena (Accesibilidad, Traducción audiovisual y aprendizaje de
Spain Site
10/24/2018 Jurilingüística II: Enfoques Interdisciplinarios en el Estudio de la Lengua y el Derecho – Jurilinguistics II:
Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Language and Law
Spain Site
10/25/2018 Jurilingüística II: Enfoques Interdisciplinarios en el Estudio de la Lengua y el Derecho Spain Site
11/19/2018 IV Jornadas Internacionales sobre Historia de la traducción no literaria (francés-español). Traducción y
enseñanza en España (siglo XIX)
Spain Site
11/28/2018 I Congreso Internacional: Traducción y sostenibilidad cultural: sustrato, fundamentos y aplicaciones Spain Site
01/23/2019 IX Congreso AIETI – Universidad de Alicante: Translatum nostrum – El mestizaje desde el Mediterráneo Spain Site
03/20/2019 Research seminar, Advanced Research Seminar on Audio Description ARSAD’s 7th edition Spain Site
03/27/2019 37th AESLA International Conference – Bilingualism and Languages in Contact Spain Site
05/23/2019 IV International Conference Retranslation in Context Spain Site
07/02/2019 Migration, Multilingualism and Language Spain Site
10/12/2018 The Role of Translation and Interpreting in Spreading Hallyu South Korea Site
05/22/2018 4th International Conference on Non-Professional Interpreting and Translation South Africa Site
05/25/2018 Translation and context: Perspectives on and from Africa – ATSA South Africa Site
09/09/2019 9th EST Congress South Africa Site
09/09/2019 ID-TS Workshop for Supervisors South Africa
09/26/2018 Translation, Interpreting and Culture: New Approaches and Old Dogmas Slovakia Site
10/10/2018 Cognitio and Communicatio in Today’s Globalised World Russia Site
03/26/2018 10th Annual International Translation Conference: Translation beyond the Margins Qatar Site
03/27/2018 Ninth Annual International Translation Conference: Translation in the Digital Age Qatar
10/13/2018 A Host of Tongues: Multilingualism, Lingua Franca and Translation in the Early Modern Period Portugal Site
06/27/2019 Translation as Reframing Portugal Site
04/04/2018 From morals to the macabre in translation for children Poland Site
04/04/2018 From Morals to the Macabre in Translation for Children Poland Site
05/23/2018 The changing profile of the translator profession: technology, competences and fit-for-market training Poland Site
06/28/2018 Imago Mundi – Tłumaczenie wczoraj, dziś i jutro Poland Site
09/27/2018 Current paradigms in research on translation and interpreting. Opportunities and challenges Poland Site
09/27/2018 TRANSLATON Poland Site
10/23/2018 6th Young Linguists’ Meeting in Poznan (YLMP 2018): Poland Site
12/07/2018 5th International Conference on ‘Translatology and Translations’ – Language – Translation – Identity Poland Site
03/13/2019 Complexity and Dispersion in Translation Pedagogy 2nd CTER Congress 2019 Poland Site
03/21/2019 2nd CTER Congress (CTER 2019) Consortium for Translation Education Research Poland Site
09/13/2019 Teaching Translation and Interpreting Poland Site
09/26/2018 1st International e-Conference on Translation: Translation in and for Society. Investigating Sociological and
Cultural Aspects in Literary and Specialised Domains
Online Site
08/26/2019 Fulfilling Indigenous Peoples’ and Minority Rights to Culture and Language Mexico Site
07/09/2018 1st Joint International Conferences on New Literacies, Translation, Multilingualism, Education, Literature and Malay
Studies 2018
Malaysia Site
10/17/2018 Technology and Media in Translation & Interpreting (T&I) – Current Trends, Issues & Challenges.
International Seminar on Translation and Interpreting (ISTrI) 2018
Malaysia Site
07/08/2018 Boot-camp on empirical Translation Process Research Macau Site
06/14/2019 Critical Link 9. Community Interpreting in the Age of AI Japan Site
06/01/2018 Nida Summer School of Translation Studies Italy Site
02/14/2019 Conferência Internacional Italy Site
02/14/2019 Specialised discourse and multimedia: Linguistic Features and Translation Issues Italy Site
05/09/2019 La traduzione come atto politico – Translation as Political Act – La traduction comme acte politique Italy Site
06/28/2019 3rd East Asian Translation Studies Conference Italy Site
10/13/2018 Society for Pirandello Studies one-day conference Ireland Site
10/20/2018 A way in for the world: Irish literary translation at home and abroad Ireland Site
03/04/2019 Conference on Translation and the Media Iran Site
03/07/2018 Translation and Knowledge Society India Site
05/24/2018 Translation Research – Translator Training Hungary
07/03/2018 IATIS 6th International Conference – Translation and Cultural Mobility Hong Kong Site
11/23/2018 International Conference – Narratives of Immigration: Community interpreting as a right/rite of passage Greece Site
03/05/2018 Spring School: Trends in Translation and Localization Germany Site
10/03/2018 Languages and the Media: The Fourth Industrial Revolution – Reshaping Languages in the Media Germany Site
11/23/2018 Framing, Drafting, Sketching: Hans J. Vermeer’s Theoretical Proposal to Translation Studies Germany Site
11/29/2018 Interdependence and Innovation: 2nd Cologne Conference on Translation, Interpreting and Technical Documentation
12/05/2018 Textperformance und Kulturtransfer / Textperformances and cultural transfer Germany Site
07/04/2019 2nd International Congress on Translation, Interpreting and Cognition Interdisciplinarity: the Way out of the
Germany Site
09/21/2019 GALA 2019 Munich – The Role of the Human Being in an AI-driven Language Service Industry Germany Site
10/05/2018 The Black Sea as Multi-Cultural Space Georgia Site
04/28/2018 Enseigner la traduction dans le contexte francophone France Site
07/05/2018 Traduction et traductologie : la fin de l’Histoire ? – Traductologie de plein champ, huitième édition France Site
11/16/2018 Discuss Interpreting ISIT International Conference on Interpreting Languages France Site
01/31/2019 L’apprenant en langues et dans les métiers de la traduction : source d’interrogations et de
France Site
06/13/2019 Langues et langages juridiques. Traduction et traductologie – Didactique et pédagogie France
02/08/2018 Workplace Communication: XXXVIII International VAKKI Symposium Finland Site
04/06/2018 DOTTSS Translation Studies Doctoral and Teacher Training Summer School Finland Site
12/13/2018 4th International Conference on Itineraries in Translation History Estonia Site
04/15/2019 1st Conference on Localization, Translation and Interpreting Egypt Site
03/07/2018 I Coloquio Internacional Hispanoafricano de Lingüística, Literatura y Traducción: España en contacto con África,
su(s) pueblo(s) y su(s) cultura(s)
Côte d’Ivoire Site
08/29/2018 14th ESSE Conference: Seminar S30 on intralingual translation Czech Republic Site
10/22/2018 Pathways in Translation Studies Czech Republic Site
09/14/2018 You are (f/h)hired! Interpreting in employment settings Croatia Site
11/03/2018 5th International Conference on Cognitive Research on Translation and Interpreting China Site
12/10/2018 Space for Translation: Thresholds of Interpretation China Site
03/03/2018 9th Annual Glendon Graduate Student Conference in Translation Studies: Translation and (De)colonization Canada Site
04/06/2018 Voyages in Translation Studies / L’Odyssée de la traductologie Canada Site
07/06/2018 Traduire le vivant – 17­­e­ édition de L’Odyssée de la traductologie Canada Site
04/05/2019 Furities in Translation: 18th Edition of Voyages in Translation Studies Canada Site
03/16/2018 Status and Recognition of Legal Interpreters and Translators Today Bulgaria Site
05/24/2018 Technological Innovation for Specialized Linguistic Domains: Languages for digital lives and cultures Belgium Site
05/31/2018 Écrire, traduire le voyage / Writing, translating travel Belgium Site
09/03/2018 3rd International Summer School in Translation Technology Belgium Site
09/12/2018 Using Corpora in Contrastive and Translation Studies (5th edition) – UCCTS 2018 Belgium Site
11/21/2019 InDialog 3 Belgium Site
05/17/2018 Staging the Literary Translator: Roles, Identities, Personalities Austria Site
11/22/2018 Tools and Methods for Corpus-Based Translation Science Austria Site
03/06/2019 2019 CIUTI Conference – Bridging the Divide between Theory and Practice: Innovative Research and Training
Strategies in Translation and Interpreting Studies
05/18/2018 I Congreso Hispanoamericano de Traducción Audiovisual Argentina Site
10/04/2018 IX Jornadas Nacionales – Traductores y los nuevos desafíos en la era de la comunicación: de San Jerónimo a los
cambios de paradigmas
Argentina Site
04/09/2019 XVII th International conference Translation Strategies: Translatology and cognitive approaches Algeria