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EST announces its 2014 Book Purchase Grant

Translation Studies books go to Tartu

The European Society for Translation Studies has awarded its 2014 Book Purchase Grant to the Centre for Translation Studies at the University of Tartu, Estonia.

The chair of the Book Purchase Grant Committee, Agnes Somlo, reports that a total of five applications were received, all of them strong, of which three had applied in previous years (as was the case of Tartu).

The Centre for Translation Studies started to be funded in 2013. It is “the first successful attempt to collect and systematize translation studies related expertise in Estonia [and] aims at developing translation studies with a goal to further both research as well as training in the field of translation, interpreting and localization; and to develop international relations,[…] and staff and student exchange.” They combine research and teaching activities and collaborate with and contribute to the MA programmes on interpreting and translation affiliated with the Institute.

The centre is in fact the result of the collaboration of enthusiastic researchers that by the help of several inter-institutional projects. They currently offer research fellowships to four part-time researchers. At the moment they work on some major projects such as an international conference in June, compiling an Estonian translation studies reader; developing a multifunctional web-based bibliographical database facilitating research in the field of historical translation studies.

The books will serve the research interests not only of the staff but also those of the departments with a special emphasis on the MA programmes in translation and interpreting: “The EST grant books are planned to be a part of the Centre for Translation Library, but they will be listed in a publicly available electronic catalogue ESTER, that allows access for the users of any Estonian library.”

Under the terms of this award, all book purchases made from John Benjamins benefit from a discount of 40%.

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