European Society for Translation Studies

Online meeting of the EST Executive Board

On Thursday 5 June, starting at 6.30 pm CET, members of the EST are invited to join an open meeting of the Executive Board.

The EST Executive Board will respond to questions and comments made by EST members, preferably prior to the meeting.

Members can lodge their questions and comments here.

From 5.30 pm on Thursday 5 June, members are free to go online here

At 6.30 the meeting will begin with a brief overview of current and planned activities, then a short financial report. The floor will then be open for discussion of issues proposed by members.

To enter the meeting:

Go to the link and enter as a “Guest” (“usuario invitado”). Type in your name and you’re in.

If you want to speak during the meeting, raise your hand: there is a set of displayable icons on the top right bar, click on the guy with the raised hand and the moderator may give you the floor.

If you don’t have a microphone, you can also send your questions and comments through the chat box.

Some general tips for better quality calls:

Landlines provide better signal than WI-FI.

Please use headphones if you are planning to speak.

Programs running on your cpomputer might slow down your connection: consider closing down Skype and Dropbox, for example.

Join us on Thursday evening!

(Then again, there is a 30 percent chance that the technology won’t work…)