European Society for Translation Studies

The Aarhus Declaration on Cooperation Between Associations of Translation and Interpreting Studies

At their meeting in Aarhus on September 15 2016, the following representatives of associations of translation and interpreting studies have agreed to form the International Network of Translation and Interpreting Studies Associations (INTISA) and to pursue the following collective aims:

  1. Promote Translation and Interpreting Studies in all its forms (including research on audiovisual communication, and localization).
  2. Mutually enhance the status and public recognition of our associations.
  3. Ensure efficient and widespread distribution of information on Translation and Interpreting Studies events and activities.
  4. Where possible, develop and share materials and activities for translation and interpreting research and the training of researchers.

Kayoko Takeda, JAITS
Jan Petersen, ESIST
Anna Maria D’Amore, RELAETI
Heidrun Gerzymisch, Klaus Jurisch, DGÜD
Anthony Pym, EST
John Milton, ABRAPT
Silvia Hansen-Schirra, IATIS
Gloria Corpas Pastor, AIETI
Simos Grammenidis, Kyriaki Kourouni, HSTS
Brian Baer, Claudia Angelelli, ATISA
Ji-Hae Kang, KATS
The Canadian Association for Translation Studies (CATS) joined onJanuary 31, 2017
The Associaton for Translation Studies in Africa (ASTA) joined on May 30, 2017