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Translation Studies books go to El Colegio de México

The European Society for Translation Studies has awarded its 2017 Book Purchase Grant to the M.A. Program, Center of Linguistics and Literature, the College of Mexico (Maestría en Traducción, El Colegio de México, Centro de Estudios Lingüísticos y Literarios).

The chair of the Book Purchase Grant Committee, Müge Işıklar Koçak, reports that all applications received were very strong.

The M.A. in Translation Studies program at the College of Mexico, launched in 2004, is praise-worthy and still developing. They started an ambitious long-term project in 2016 on “The role and status of translation in the production and circulation of science in Mexico”. It was noted that they have been working hard with a new research group in an area not extensively studied in Mexico despite the financial situation.

Elena Madrigal, the representative of the winner, comments:.

“As recipients of the 2017 EST Book Purchase Grant, the participants of the Master in Translation Program will have access to specialized literature akin to our research project “The role of translation in the production and circulation of science in Mexico”. We have selected sources according to three criteria: state of the art, theoretical and methodological frameworks, and conceptual tools and models applicable to the Mexican case. We have also chosen the material with the aim of creating and consolidating the sociology of translation as an area of research at El Colegio de México. Researchers from other national and international institutions will also have access to the purchased material since it will enrich the collection Daniel Cosío Villegas Library. The aim is to guarantee that the material will provide a broader range of topics for future theses and research interests on Translation Studies in Mexico, Latin America, and the Caribbean.”


From left to right: Dr. Elena Madrigal, Dr. Erik Franco, MT Armando Luza-on behalf of alumni and graduate students-, Dr. Danielle Zaslavsky, and Dr. Tania Hernández.

Under the terms of this award, all book purchases made from John Benjamins benefit from a discount of 40%.

Müge Işıklar Koçak, Ph.D.

Chair of EST Book Purchase Grant Committee

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