European Society for Translation Studies

Winners of the EST Young Researcher Travel Grants

The ad-hoc EST Young Researcher Travel Grant Committee, consisting of 3 EST Board members (Ilse Feinauer, Helle Dam, Luc van Doorslaer) and 2 external members: (Haidee Kotze, Leo Chan) received a total of 49 applications and processed them according to the criteria mentioned in the call. The 20 young researchers mentioned below will receive a travel grant of EUR 600 each.

  • Laura Ivaska
  • Audrey Canalès
  • Paola Gentile
  • Susana Valdez
  • Fruzsina Kovács
  • Wenqian Zhang
  • Joana Pereira
  • Ida Hove
  • Sarah Devlin
  • Serena Talento
  • Shuang Li
  • Liuyin Zhao
  • Anne Ketola
  • Nina Reviers
  • Joke Daems
  • Uchenna Oyali
  • Laura Linares
  • Christian Olalla-Soler
  • Rhona Amos
  • Rindon Kundu

Congratulations to all!