European Society for Translation Studies

Young Researcher Travel Grants – EST 2019 Stellenbosch

YRTG Criteria (pdf format)

YRTG Application Form (MSWord format)

Attending the EST congress in South Africa can be more expensive because of travel costs — although life in South Africa is cheaper than in most European countries. Since we believe it is important for young researchers from all over the world to be actively involved in the EST community, the board has decided to offer 20 travel grants of EUR 600 each to deserving applicants.


  • You are a paid-up member of EST for 2019.
  • Your abstract for the EST 2019 Congress has been accepted (submission deadline: 15 Jan 2019!)
  • On 1 January 2019 you are a PhD student or recent postdoc (meaning that you obtained your PhD degree in 2015 or later). This has to be confirmed with an official, stamped document from your university at the time of the travel grant application (in the case of a PhD student) or the date of graduation and a description of your employment situation since then (in the case of a postdoc or a non-affiliated researcher).
  • Travels from all countries worldwide are eligible for funding, with the exception of travels from South Africa or one if its neighboring countries.


  • A completed grant application (will be made available on the EST website soon), including an attachment with the confirmation of status for PhD students or description of employment situation for postdocs, is sent by email to no later than 1 April 2019.
  • A committee appointed by the EST Board will evaluate the applications and will inform the applicants by 20 April.
  • The grant will be paid after presenting the invoice of the flight ticket (economy class) + proof of payment to the EST treasurer.