European Society for Translation Studies

EST Book Purchase Grant 2020

The research team at the Department of English Philology and Translation Studies, St Petersburg University, Russia is the winner of the Book Purchase Grant 2020. St Petersburg University, which is the oldest university in Russia, offers a vast array of programs in translation studies including theoretical, applied translation studies and interpreting at undergraduate and graduate
levels. We have noted that the scholars in the department have been working hard and their areas of research are wide ranging in line with their programs.

This is what the representative of our winner, Prof. Irina A. Lekomtseva, has to say about their winning the Book Purchase Grant 2020:
“We deeply appreciate the European Society for Translation Studies for choosing us as the winner of the 2020 EST Book Purchase Grant. We believe that it is vitally important that the books will benefit both students and researchers in their research endeavors (course papers, mid-term papers, theses, national and global research projects) in such a wide-ranging science as translation studies at the University and beyond. And there are more ways than one to do it. Since our Department of English Philology and Translation Studies as part of the oldest university in Russia has been always committed to the advancement of learning by teaching and research, we are trying to ensure that we provide an environment for intensive and challenging education and research and offer a range of taught and research courses at every level from undergraduate to post-graduate and doctorates. Among them are the BA in Inter-Language Communication and Translation; MA in Legal Translation; MA in Literary Translation; MA in Interpreting; MA in Theory, History and Methodology of Translation Studies; PhD in Linguistics and Translation Studies. Annually, we hold international conferences on translation and interpreting that bring together both well-renowned scholars and early-career researchers to ensure an extensive network of partnerships and collaborations.”