European Society for Translation Studies

Book Purchase Grant Committee

The aim of the Book Purchase Grant is to promote the study of translation and interpreting in situations where Translation Studies books and journals are lacking. The remit of the committee is to receive applications for the grant and to recommend winning institutions to the Executive Board.

Müge Işıklar Koçak (chair)
MA in Translation Studies (Warwick), PhD in Translation Studies (Bogazici)
Assistant Professor, Department of Translation and Interpreting, Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey.

Iwona Mazur
MA and PhD in English (Translation Studies) (Adam Mickiewicz University)
Assistant Professor, Department of Translation Studies, Faculty of English (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland)
Head of Postgraduate Studies in Specialised Translation.

Jonathan Downie
BA (Hons) in English and French (Strathclyde University), MSc and PhD Translation and Conference Interpreting (Heriot-Watt University).
Member of the board of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting;
Associate of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting.
Iris Schrijver
PhD, University of Antwerp
Junior lecturer, University of Antwerp.
Łucja Biel
MA in English/Translation (UJ Kraków), PhD in Linguistics (Gdańsk)
Habil. (Warsaw). Associate Professor, Head of Corpus Research Centre, Institute of Applied Linguistics, University of Warsaw