European Society for Translation Studies

Conference and Training Grant

This grant is intended to help scholars with limited or no means of financial support to attend Translation Studies conferences or training events by covering documented expenses of up to EUR 500. It is only available to fully paid-up EST members for the year of grant application who meet the criteria outlined below.

Application deadline for conferences and events in the Congress year: 31 January 2025.

Who can apply?

Applicants must be members of the Society at the time of application (for details, go to “How to join us“). Applicants must apply themselves and as individuals. Applicants must either be an enrolled PhD student, a recent PhD graduate, or an independent scholar with evidence of current research and no current full-time academic position.

Applications should be submitted electronically via the form available here, with an accompanying email to the EST Secretary General that includes the required documentation for the relevant applicant category (details available here).

Applications must include:

  • all sections of the online form filled in and submitted, especially the statement of motivation (max. 1500 characters, approx. 300 words);
  • the supporting documentation emailed to the EST Secretary General (


All complete and eligible applications are assessed using the same decision criteria in the same order. These decision criteria can be found here.

The final decisions will be ratified by the EST Board and announced by the Conference and Training Grant Committee.