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Conferences in Translation Studies

The list includes conferences and events in translation and interpreting as well as related fields. The URLs are available if you click on the plus sign or the date of the conference you are interested in. The list is updated every month.

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Starting date
2023-01-05 MLA Forum on Translation Studies on the relationship between translation and extraction USA
2023-01-16 Translating the Humanities and Technologizing Translation: Translation Master Lectures cum International Conference on Translation, Culture and Technology Hong Kong
2023-03-03 Multilingualism in Translation (the English-speaking world, 16th century – present) France
2023-03-14 The Challenges and Consequences of cultural Misunderstanding France
2023-03-22 1ST International Conference on Didactic Audiovisual Translation and Media Accessibility (TRADIT23) Spain
2023-03-22 8th International Conference on Public Services Interpreting and Translation (PSIT8), PSIT in Transition Spain
2023-03-31 Professional Communication and translation Studies Romania
2023-04-20 Advanced Research Seminar on Audio Description (ARSAD 2023) Spain
2023-04-20 Terminology: Domain Loss and Gain Belgium
2023-05-10 XIV Congreso Internacional de Lingüística de Corpus (CILC2023)/14th International Conference on Corpus Linguistics Spain
2023-05-17 International Conference on Science & Translation Spain
2023-05-19 8th Young Linguists’ Meeting (YLMP 2023) Poland
2023-05-24 Semioethics of translatability in current global communication Italy
2023-05-25 NPIT 6 – 'Unstated' mediation: On the ethical aspects of non-professional interpreting and translation Cyprus
2023-05-27 7 CATS Questioning the Universal Through Translation: Translating the Social Sciences and Humanities Today /L’universel à l’épreuve de la traduction: Actualités de la traduction des sciences humaines et sociales Canada
2023-05-31 2nd Conference on Translation and Interpreting: Translation as (inter)cultural mediation Spain
2023-06-02 Semmelweis Medical Linguistics Conference 2023 – Impact of Sociocultural Factors on Health Communication Hybrid Conference Hungary
2023-06-12 Authors and their Translators: The Genealogy of an Asymmetric Relationship International conference France
2023-06-12 24th Annual Conference of the European Association for Machine Translation EAMT Finland
2023-06-20 3rd Conference of Association for Translation Studies in Africa (ATSA) – Contemporary Issues in Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Mediation Cameroun
2023-06-26 14th International Symposium on Bilingualism with the theme "Diversity Now". Macquarie University Australia
2023-06-26 The International Translation and Circulation of Shakespeare Criticism Belgium
2023-06-26 Translation and the News: State of the Art, Dialogues, Reflections Portugal
2023-06-30 13th International Symposium for Young Researchers in Translation, Interpreting, Intercultural Studies and East Asian Studies Spain
2023-07-06 Translab 4: Translation and Labour UK
2023-07-10 Using Corpora in Translation and Contrastive Studies Poland
2023-07-18 10th International Contrastive Linguistics Conference (ICLC-10) Germany
2023-07-26 International Symposium on Translation Communication & Intercultural Studies 2023 Singapore
2023-08-22 New Voices in Children’s Literature in Translation: Culture, Power and Transnational Approaches Sweden
2023-08-30 Emotions, Translation and Encountering the Other. 15th World Congress of Semiotics: Semiotics in the Lifeworl Greece
2023-09-04 Users Track, Machine Translation Summit 2023 Macau
2023-09-06 Media For All 10: human agency in the age of technology Belgium
2023-09-06 ICTIC 4 with the theme “Methods We Live By” Chile
2023-09-06 4th International Conference on Translation, Interpreting and Cognition (ICTIC 4) Chile
2023-09-07 TREXTUALITY – Interdisciplinary Approaches to Translated and Multilingual Texts Finland
2023-09-13 Poznań Linguistic Meeting, Poznań, Poland. Special thematic session on Eye-tracking in reading research and translation reception studies Poland
2023-09-14 Translation and the periodical Belgium
2023-09-20 Translation, Interpreting, & Culture 2023: Virality and Isolation in the Era of Deepening Divides Slovakia
2023-09-20 GAL Jahrestagung (Translation and Interpreting Studies section) Germany
2023-09-22 Translation in Totalitarian Regimes Linguistic, Literary and Historical Aspects. Romania
2023-09-23 ATIC International Conference. Teaching and Researching Translation in the Arab World: Strategies, Challenges and Opportunities Egypt
2023-09-27 Eurasian Translation Congress 2: Translation Through Intermediary Language Armenia
2023-09-28 Taboo in language, culture, and communication Italy
2023-09-29 Enseigner la traduction et l’interprétation à l’heure neuronale Belgium
2023-09-29 Conference Afterlives of an Essay: 100 Years of Benjamin’s Task of the Translator UK
2023-10-19 Women and the Politics of Translation in/of the Middle East: ​​​Encounters, Dynamics, and Prospects Belgium
2023-10-19 EUCO 2023 Next Generation Communication: Communication in a Changing World Switzerland
2023-10-26 Literary Self-Translation and its Metadiscourse – Power Relations in Postcolonial Contexts Belgium
2023-11-01 5th APTIS Conference on The Teaching and Learning that Matter Today UK
2023-11-09 Nothing Happened: Translation Studies before James Holmes UK
2023-11-09 Traduction et réhabilitation de voix oubliées France-Espagne/Espagne-France (XXe – XXIe s.) – Traducción y rehabilitación de voces olvidadas Francia-España/España-Francia (s. XX – XXI) France
2023-11-10 Rewind and Fast Forward: Past, present and future scenarios in audiovisual translation Italy
2023-11-20 45th Translating and the Computer Luxemburg
2023-11-22 4th International Symposium PaCor 2023: Parallel Corpora Across Disciplines: New Challenges Ahead Spain
2023-11-23 IPCITI 2023 The International Postgraduate Conference in Translation and Interpreting UK
2023-11-24 Translation (auto)censored in the French-speaking worlds since 1945 (Saint Etienne) – Traduction (auto)censurée dans les mondes francophones depuis 1945 (Saint Étienne) France
2023-11-28 ENTRAD 2022 – XIV Encontro Nacional de Tradutores e VIII Encontro Internacional de Tradutores Brazil
2023-11-30 GDA Green Digital Accessibility. Where Accessibility meets Sustainability Spain
2023-12-08 Translation Studies and Digital Humanities Hong Kong
2023-12-10 Decision-making in translation: attitudes and representations Algeria
2023-12-13 Epistemic Translation: Towards an Ecology of Knowledges Portugal
2024-01-11 Creativity and Translation in the Age of Artificial Intelligence Austria
2024-01-25 6e Colloque Le français parlé les medias : Pratiques langagières non standardisées, attitudes et représentations dans les formats médiatiques oraux associés au divertissement Canada
2024-02-08 Ecrire, traduire la mode / Writing, translating fashion Belgium Winibert.Segers at
2024-04-05 ATISA XI Conference, Trajectories of translation and interpreting studies: Between the digital and the post national USA
2024-04-12 International Conference on Translation Education. Digital Translation Studies: Pedagogy, Research, Publication Hong Kong
2024-04-17 2nd International Conference on Translation and Cultural Sustainability: Challenges and New Avenues Spain
2025-06-30 11th EST Congress: The Changing Faces of Translation and Interpreting (Studies) UK