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Conferences in Translation Studies

The list includes conferences and events in translation and interpreting as well as related fields. The URLs are available if you click on the plus sign or the date of the conference you are interested in. The list is updated every month.

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Starting date
2024-01-11 Creativity and Translation in the Age of Artificial Intelligence Austria
2024-01-25 6e Colloque Le français parlé les medias : Pratiques langagières non standardisées, attitudes et représentations dans les formats médiatiques oraux associés au divertissement Canada
2024-01-29 Tradition and Innovation in Translation Studies Research XII: Bridging Cultures and Communities through Translation Studies Slovakia
2024-02-08 Ecrire, traduire la mode / Writing, translating fashion Belgium Winibert.Segers at
2024-02-21 Norms / Reforms / Deviations. International Conference of the Young Slavists Collective Italy
2024-03-07 Autor-Übersetzerinnen um 1800. Autorschaft, Übersetzungspraxis und Geschlecht an der Schnittstelle ästhetischer und gesellschaftspolitischer Debatten Italy
2024-03-20 ParatradIT-2024_UVigo_T&P. International Congress of Paratranslation Interlinguas and Transmedia Spain, Online
2024-04-05 ATISA XI Conference, Trajectories of translation and interpreting studies: Between the digital and the post national USA
2024-04-12 International Conference on Translation Education. Digital Translation Studies: Pedagogy, Research, Publication Hong Kong
2024-04-17 2nd International Conference on Translation and Cultural Sustainability: Challenges and New Avenues Spain
2024-04-19 XXI Symposium on Translation and Interpreting Studies, KäTu 24: Connection Finland
2024-04-20 Trace and Transformation – 2024 UMass Amherst Graduate Student Conference on Translation Studies USA
2024-04-25 4th annual conference of the Translation Studies Network of Ireland – Translation and Creativity Ireland
2024-05-14 Literature, Cinema, and the Transatlantic Dimensions of Adaptation: Mitteleuropa and the US Italy
2024-05-22 II Simposio Internacional de Traducción e Interpretación especializadas Poland, online,22847.htm
2024-05-22 VII International Congress on Science and Translation: Interdisciplinary bridges and dissemination of scientific knowledge Italy
2024-05-24 III International Congress on Translation and Interpreting (CITEI): "One World, Many Voices: Translators and Interpreters in the Digital Age" Peru
2024-05-30 International Conference on Intercultural Pragmatics and Communication Italy
2024-05-30 8th meeting of Greek-speaking Translation Studies Scholars Greece
2024-06-05 XX Congreso Internacional "Traducción, Texto e Interferencias" Spain
2024-06-10 Redefining translation? Historical fluctuations, new practices, and epistemologies in the making Canada
2024-06-14 Shaping the Future of Translation and Interpreting Studies in a Context of Technological, Cultural and Social Changes Hong Kong
2024-06-24 25th Annual Conference of The European Association for Machine Translation UK
2024-06-25 43rd conference of the European Society for the History of the Human Sciences (ESHHS) UK
2024-07-07 Transius Conference on Legal and Institutional Translation Switzerland
2024-08-22 New Voices in Children’s Literature in Translation: Culture, Power and Transnational Approaches Sweden
2024-09-08 International Congress of Linguists: Cognitive Translation & Interpreting Studies (CTIS) stream Poland
2024-09-11 History – Translation – Politics Austria
2024-09-11 GAL (Gesellschaft für Angewandte Linguistik) Germany
2024-09-12 Ethics and Self-Care in Translation and Other Professions: What can we learn from each other? UK
2024-09-19 TRANSLATA V Interfaces in Translation Austria
2024-09-23 7th Translation in Transition conference Georgia
2024-09-26 4th Annual Conference Europe in Discourse. Future Trajectories for Europe Greece
2024-10-02 Legal Translation & Interpreting on the move Italy
2024-10-31 Retranslation in Context VI Turkey
2024-10-31 T-RADEX Translation and cross-cultural communication: Radical and extremist narratives Cyprus
2024-11-07 Relational Forms IX on Sustainable Objects? Books, Screens and Creative Transit in the Cultures of the English Language Portugal
2024-11-07 APTIS 2024 Unconference: Taking stock and breaking the mould UK
2024-11-28 International conference BELTRANS: Book translation in multilingual states (1945-2024) United States
2025-01-16 Translation, Transposition, and Travel in the Global Nineteenth Century Kuwait
2025-05-28 Media for All 11: Breaking Barriers: Media Localisation in the Age of Global Platforms Hong Kong
2025-06-02 Fifth International Conference on Translation, Interpreting and Cognition (ICTIC 5): Translation and Cognition on the ground Norway
2025-06-30 11th EST Congress: The Changing Faces of Translation and Interpreting (Studies) UK
2025-12-10 8th IATIS International Conference: Translation and Intercultural Studies in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: Opportunities and Challenges Oman