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A list of current members who have given permission to be included can be found here.


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Ordinary membership

Researchers from all over the world are invited to become members of the EST. Professional translators and companies are also welcome to become members. However, the Society does not in any way certify professional qualifications or endorse translation services or translator-training institutions.
Individual membership in the Society entitles you to:

  • compete for the Society’s awards and grants
  • attend the Society’s congresses and symposia
  • benefit from the discounts arranged with publishers
  • gain access to our membership list and other exclusive material on our Intranet site.
  • receive the Society’s newsletter twice a year
  • receive our regular email digests with current calls for papers and conference submissions, job announcements and other news of interest to our Members.

Membership may also be an important element in your CV. It indicates the seriousness of your commitment to translation research, as well as your desire to form a part of the research community.


Supporting membership

In addition to ordinary memberships for individuals, the EST also offers the opportunity for institutions and legal persons to become supporting members. Supporting members are welcome to sponsor or give specific support to any of our grants and prizes.



The annual membership fee is EUR 35 per year for full members (EUR 80 for three years) and EUR 75 per year for supporting members.
Please note that a membership is valid for the calendar year(s) it is paid until the end of the renewal period (i.e. March 31st) of the following year.


Application for membership

To apply for EST membership, please fill in the form here. The EST Treasurer will then inform you if the application has been accepted and indicate that payment can be made (please do not pay beforehand!). You will then receive a confirmation email with details of membership benefits and access to the EST intranet. Please note that our normal period for new and renewing memberships is January to March each year. Outside of those months, the application process may take as long as four weeks, so some patience may be required.


Renewals of membership / Address changes

To renew your EST membership, please indicate your name and the renewal period as well as complete the other obligatory fields on the Renewals form (see link below), and send your payment to the EST treasurer as indicated when you submit the form. The renewal form can also be used to update your information between renewal periods (e.g. change of address, affiliation, etc.). You can access the details about how to pay your renewal fee directly here.

Renewals form

The deadline for renewals is March 31st.

Please note that from April to December, manual processing of membership requests and renewals is only done at the beginning of each month. Confirmation of membership is in the form of being on the mailing list for biweekly email digests. If you fail to receive these in the month after renewal, please check your spam folder before contacting us at secretarygeneralest(at)



Donations to support our work are always welcome. Please contact us at secretarygeneralest(at) for banking details.