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What makes empirical research ‘scientific’?

What makes empirical research ‘scientific’? Daniel Gile March 2009 Gartner Group is a company which provides inter alia ‘briefings’ for corporate executives in matters pertaining to the evolution of Information Technology in the marketplace. Its ‘analysts’, as they are called, often give half-day presentations packed with synopses of market evolution worldwide as well as short-term […]

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Translationland Ubaldo Stecconi Octber 2, 2006 In the past half century or so, there has been a growing recognition that translation and translating can be serious intellectual pursuits. There has also been a growing dissatisfaction with traditional accounts of translation, such as “replacement of textual material” (Catford 1965: 20) or “a problem in cryptography” (Weaver

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A note on explanation

A note on explanation   Andrew Chesterman October 1, 2006   Descriptive Translation Studies aims at more than description. It also looks for explanations which add to our understanding. Some explanations are interpretive, or metaphorical ones. An unfamiliar phenomenon may be made more understandable if it is compared to, or seen as, a more familiar one.

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