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A great loss to the Interpreting Community

Francesco Straniero Sergio, the leading Italian scholar on TV interpreting, passed away on 18 July 2011. He was 52. He taught simultaneous and consecutive interpreting from Russian into Italian and Interpreting Theory and Practice at the SSLMIT at the University of Trieste, Italy.

Among his pioneering and seminal publications are:

F. Straniero Sergio (1999) Interpretazione simultanea dal russo in italiano. Fondamenti teorici e applicazioni pratiche, Trieste: Goliardiche.

F. Straniero Sergio (1999) “The interpreter on the (talk) show. Interaction and participation frameworks”, The Translator.

C.Falbo, M.Russo, F. Straniero Sergio (eds) (1999) Interpretazione Simultanea e Consecutiva. Problemi Teorici e Metodologie Didattiche, Hoepli: Milano.

F. Straniero Sergio and D. Katan (2002) Look who’s talking: the ethics of entertainment and talkshow interpreting, The Translator.

F. Straniero Sergio (2003) “Norms and quality in media interpreting: the case of formula one press conferences”, The Interpreter’s Newsletter.

F. Straniero Sergio (2007) Talkshow interpreting. La mediazione linguistica nella conversazione-spettacolo, EUT – Edizioni Università di Trieste.

Francesco was a true  teacher; he did not spare any effort to analyze the complexity of phenomena and to encourage his students to trust their skills and enjoy the profession.

Francesco was also a true researcher who, like a child, rejoices in his discoveries and the pleasure of sharing them.

Francesco had a brilliant mind , but also a great heart.

He did voluntary work for the homeless of Trieste.

For those of you who knew Francesco and wish to honour his memory with a donation to the organization he collaborated with “Comunità di San Martino al Campo” ( here are the details:
Bank account: Comunità di San Martino al Campo
IBAN: IT 28Y 02008 02230 000005601740

Maria Chiara Russo

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