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Eugene Nida, translation scholar, died on 25 August 2011 at the age of 96

Eugene Nida was one of the truly great scholars of translation. He played a seminal role in the formation of Translation Studies as a discipline and is still a key reference in any debate about how to translate.

Remembered by many as the man who developed the theory and practice of dynamic equivalence in the field of Bible translation, he was also a scholar of Greek, an innovative linguist, a superb speaker, a model of clarity in his writing, and a committed believer who knew how to make his work of interest well beyond the field of Bible translation.

Nida’s seminal works on translation are Toward a Science of Translating (1964) and The Theory and Practice of Translation (1969, with Charles Taber).

Anthony Pym
August 2011

Homage by Philip Stine

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