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EST awards translation prizes for game lozalization into Chinese and Polish studies into English

The EST Translation Committee received five proposals for the 2015 EST Translation Prize and would like to thank all the candidates for submitting their proposals.

The quality of two of the proposals has led the committee to exceptionally bestow two prizes for 2015. One proposal involves the translation from English into Chinese and one the translation from Polish into English.

There was consensus among the committee members about awarding two prizes rather than one in view of the languages covered by the proposals and the potentially different but equally important impact the two projects are likely to have on Translation Studies. Both winners will receive € 2000.

The project that was ranked first was submitted by Xiaochun Zhang, who is a final year PhD candidate at the Centre for Translation Studies of the University of Vienna. Xiaochun Zhang’s proposal entails the translation from English into Chinese of  Game Localisation  by Minako O’Hagan and Carme Mangiron (Benjamins, 2013).

The project that was ranked second is the project that was submitted by Kasia Szymanska, who is a final year PhD student at Oxford University and a member of the Oxford Comparative Criticism and Translation research group. Together with Dr Michal Mrugalski (University of Tübingen, co-editor) and two translators (Antonia Lloyd-Jones and Soren Gauger), she was awarded the prize for the translation from Polish into English of a selection of texts by two most influential representatives of the Polish Poznań Translation School: Edward Balcerzan, Professor at Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznań and translation theorist, and Stanisław Barańczak, former Professor at Harvard University and prominent contemporary translator of poetry (until his recent death).

Congratulations to the winners!

Aline Remael
for the Translation Committee

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